Easily Create Anonymous Links with the Anolink Dereferer!


Simply append the link that you want to link to anonymously after http://anolink.com/?link=. And make sure to urlencode your link first if it contains any sensitive characters (like "&" (ampersand) especially). like for example, to link to wikipedia anonymously use

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Whats the point of that? Who will be anonymous in that? It is the website that offers the link that will be hidden from the site that is beeing linked to. Instead of appearing to be refered from your site, the visitor will appear to be refered from anolink.com. The privacy of the visitor is also protected by this mechanism because this way the site that is beeing linked to cannot see where the visitor comes from.

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The Anolink HTMLizer

Want to post HTML somewhere where you can only post links? the Anolink HTMLizer can allow you to do that. first url-encode your HTML code and then simply append it after http://anolink.com/htmlize?html=. When the link opens it will take the value of the html Get variable and simply write it on the page. example:

<script type="text/javascript">alert('bip!');</script>
<p style="background-color:red;">test</p>

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